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` Campanula 'Constellation'
Campanula 'Constellation'
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This adorable little gem comes directly from the man who wrote the book on Campanula, and holds NCCPG National collection of Campanula, Peter Lewis. It was on a 1992 trip to the UK that I first visited Peter at his home and nursery, Padlock Croft, and was given a plant of Campanula 'Constellation'

It's dark green, pointed, heavily toothed leaves form a 8" 12" tight little clump that only gets up about 3"- 6" in height. In late Spring and early Summer, they produce an abundance of dark lavender-purple, star shaped flowers.

A hybrid of uncertain origin, it appears to be a large, lush version of Campanula garganica, with a touch of Campanula poscharskyana in its bloodlines.

Growing well in virtually any light or moisture conditions, this sterile mule is extremely well behaved, as it does not run or set seed.

I hesitate to call it a ground cover as it is more of a clumper, but one could conceivably plant a grouping close enough together to get the same ground covering effect.

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