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` Marshallia grandiflora
Marshallia grandiflora
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Named in honor of a very interesting 18th Century plant lover,  Doctor Moses Marshall,  this East Coast native member of the Asteraceae family deserves a place in most every garden.

An easier plant to grow,  you couldn't ask for.  The lush green foliage holds up well all the growing season long in full sun to part shade.

And the flowers,   oh the flowers.  Just look at the attached picture and save me some typing here.  Not only are they beautiful,  they are large,  1" -2".  Marshallia grandiflora averages about 8"- 12" tall and shoots up to 12" - 24" in flower,  she forms a nice,  tight,  little clump
about 12"-18".

Very easy to propagate by division, and just as easy by seed,  you can have a great display of these long lasting flowers in a short time.

There are several other species of Marshallia,  one of which,  Marshallia moorhii is on the Federally Endangered Plant List, but, Marshallia grandiflora is by far,  the showiest and most gardenworthy. Oh yeh,  in case you're interested,  the common name of this plant is "Barbara's Buttons"

A short biography of Dr. Moses Marshall,  a resident of the Philadelphia suburb of Chester County,  can be found at: I love knowing about the people that plants are named after, almost as much as I love knowing about the plants.   In fact,   there's a wonderful book by Alex Pankhurst called "Who Does Your Garden Grow",  a review of which can be found at: ks1.html#whodoes

My friend Dirk publishes an incredible little magazine called,  what else,  PLANTS,  and if you're interested in the latest discoveries in the Plant World,  you should check it out and subscribe. http://www.plants-

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