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This plant list isn't designed to be a sales catalog, rather, it is meant as an informative list of some of our interesting and worthwhile plants. The definitive, up-to-date list of what's in production for sale resides in Barry's head. Please e-mail Barry's head to inquire about availability.

Where photos are available, you can choose from the following three sizes depending on the speed of your connection and monitor resolution:

Acanthus mollis 'New Zealand Gold'      [Photo: sm med lg]
Huge golden foliage on a very striking plant. Comes up very late in the Spring and although it will rarely flower in zone 5 or 6, is a magnificent and hardy foliage plant. When it does flower, a 1-1 1/2 inch flower stem shoots up from the center of the plant to about 24"-36" with unusual almost Chelone like white flowers.

Aceriphyllum rossii     [Photo: sm med lg
Acer as in Maple, what a perfect name for this genus. In the early Spring you have a long lasting spray of crisp white flowers and the foliage holds up well all the growing season. I grow it in a rich moist bed that gets a few hours of sun in mid day. Height is about 6 -12 and it forms a clump with multiple divisions of about the sam