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Diphylleia cymosa

[] Diphylleia cymosa is one of the most striking plants I've ever grown. Native to 5 southeastern states it seems to be hardy in all 50. The common name of "American Umbrella Leaf" is quite apropos as her beautifully scalloped leaves can grow up to 24" and provide a dry spot for all the little critters that seek refuge in your garden during a rainstorm, hence the umbrella reference. A friend refers to Diphylleia cymosa as a "May Apple on steroids" and that's an interesting comparison as the both plants are members of the same family, Berberidaceae. The comparison stops here as Diphylleia cymosa has clusters of white flowers that age into dark berries while Podophyllum peltatum, "May Apple", has a solitary flower hidden under its much smaller, less scalloped leaves.

Diphylleia cymosa does well in the shade in average garden soil, but give it a little extra moisture and a good mulch to hold the moisture in - then stand back as heights of over 48" are not uncommon.

Deer and other varmints don't seem very interested in Diphylleia cymosa, although I've had the flowers nipped at once or twice in the last two decades. You can divide the rhizome every few years to get more plants, or even easier than that, collect the berries in the Autumn, wash the pulp off, sow them and they'll germinate the following Spring. Your seedlings will mature into flowering size plants in 3-5 years.

[] All in all, the only way to kill them is to plant them in full, direct sun in dusty, dry soil, but you wouldn't want to do that anyway, would you?

A colony of Diphylleia cymosa is a very dramatic sight and will garner interest from anyone who sees them whether they are a serious plant person or not.

I've built quite a good stock of these robust plants over the last several years and it would be my pleasure to share some with you.

What you'll receive are bareroot, flowering size 5 to 7 year old plants, wrapped in long fibered, unmilled sphagnum moss. This material is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and a very useful material. I also have a good stock of Diphylleia cymosa in 5" deep pots and if you would rather have them arrive in pots, add $1.95 per plant to cover the extra cost of shipping.

The prices shown below include FREE SHIPPING on bareroot plants out of their 2" pots. If you would like to receive the plants undisturbed, in their pots, please add .95¢ per plant to cover the extra cost of shipping soil and pots.

3   for $ 25.00  delivered ($8.35 ea)
7   for $ 50.00  delivered ($7.15 ea)
12  for $ 75.00  delivered ($6.25 ea)
20  for $100.00  delivered ($5.00 ea)

Larger quantities at even lower prices upon request.

Ordering couldn't be easier! Just fill out the order form at

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