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Hexastylis Virginica

Here's an extraordinarily exciting, exquisite example of an extremely beautiful, exceedingly rare, extra nice, exceptionally easy to grow exotic plant that you will not find offered for sale anywhere else in the universe. I'm very excited to be able to share this exclusive treasure with you.

Let me explain.

Hexastylis virginica is a native, evergreen "Wild Ginger" with the most beautiful, thick, supple, glossy, silvery marbled foliage you've ever seen. There's not a soul that could examine this plant and experience its radiance without exclaiming with exuberance and excitement that they've never experienced a plant that exemplifies and exhibits such a dramatic presence.

I can't extol the exhilarating beauty of Hexastylis virginica enough. In fact, it's so unusual that you'd better be careful that no one expatriates this somewhat slow growing ground cover from your garden while you're not guarding it.

Hexastylis virginica is native to 9 Southeastern states but is probably hardy just about everywhere. Perhaps because it hugs Terra Firma so tightly, deer, rabbits and other critters pay it no mind.

And......... you'll exert very little effort as it's so easy to grow Hexastylis virginica aka "Virginia Heartleaf", that it will exonerate even the most inept, non expert gardener. Dappled sunlight, or light to deep shade in average to well drained soils are its preferences. You can expect a mature plant of this long lived perennial groundcover to spread to about 12" in just a few years.

[]Here's a mature plant in the garden at MT Cuba Center. Take a peek at this closeup of the unusual flowers. Good companions for Hexastylis virginica are Hosta, Hellebores, Trilliums, Iris cristata, Iris verna, Hepaticas and so many more. Use your imagination and come up with your own combinations, or just create a drift of brightness in the shade with this plant alone.

It's my pleasure to finally have a good enough supply to share with you.

Pricing follows:

You can have 3 of my little darlings in 2 3/8" X 2 3/8" X 5" deep pots for $ 50.00

Shipping & Handling via INSURED PRIORITY MAIL is FREE!!!

I usually offer larger quantities of most plants at lower prices, but in order to insure that no one misses out on this offering, I've limited the quantity to 3 plants per person.

Ordering couldn't be easier! Just fill in the online pdf order form at print it out and mail it with your check, we'll send your plants out the same day.

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