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Spigelia Marilandica

Do you love your hummingbirds as much as I do mine, but loathe mixing sugar and water, getting all sticky while attracting every ant in the neighborhood? Do you want your hummingbird population to be healthy, imbibing REAL nectar? Then here's the plant for you!

Often referred to by the non "Plant Geek" types as "Indian Pink", this very rare and unusual member of the Loganiaceae family couldn't be easier to grow.

Spigelia marilandica is a long flowering perennial for sun or shade that has the most unique flowers I've ever experienced. The flowers have a panache that's somewhat indescribable and there isn't a person on Earth, gardener or not, that could pass it by without stopping to admire and comment on it.

Native to 17 states from Texas to the Carolinas and from Illinois to Florida // there most likely isn't a place in the US that Spigelia wouldn't thrive. And thrive it will as it is not only extremely perennial, but will seed itself into a show stopping colony in just a few years. Look at the flowers closeup at the Mobot website.

I wish I could report that this delightful plant is one that the deer don't approve of, but alas, they seem to enjoy its beauty as much as we two legged creatures do. However, it's certainly worth that small amount of effort to cage or spray it with one of the many effective deer repellent sprays available at any garden center.

[] Plants grow to about 12" - 24" tall and, in a couple of years, will reach a diameter of around the same. I cultivate Spigelia in full sun for maximum flowering and seed production, but the foliage does look a bit better in partial to full shade. Average to well drained soils are the preference. This plant belongs in your garden, and I've just about 1000 of my 2" pots to share with you. Pricing follows for plants shipped in their pots.

3   for $ 25.00 
7   for $ 50.00 

Shipping via PRIORITY MAIL is FREE!!!

I usually offer larger quantities at lower prices here, but in order to insure that no one misses out, I've limited the quantity to 7 plants per person.

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