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Our propagation workshop is a hands on solid afternoon presentation packed with actual experience in virtually every method of plant propagation from seed collecting and sowing to tissue culture.

Materials donated by commercial sponsors include the following items:

The workshop begins with a talk about the basic tools, gadgets and shortcuts used in plant propagation based on the presenters several decades of in the field experience afterwhich, methods of seed dispersal by various flowering plant families is discussed before moving into the three basic methods of seed sowing.

Root cuttings are next and are carried out on Pachysandra procumbens with each student receiving a plant to divide and take home. Tuberous root cuttings follow and are demonstrated on Acanthus mollis.

Root division of perennials follows, usually on a plant in the Gramineae family and again there are several plants for each student to pot up and take home.

Onward to rhizome propagation with Trillium viride, and again, each student in the workshop gets a rhizome to practice on and take home with them.

Cutting methods of nodal and internodal rooters are discussed and cutting methods are demonstrated with each student taking and rooting several cuttings of a plant in the Asteraceae family.

Soil layering is demonstrated with a plant in the Ericaceae family.

Air layering is demonstrated on a shrub.

Modern tissue culture methods are explained, discussed and demonstrated with each student taking a stage 3 plant out of culture and establishing it in soil, usually a Hosta or Lily.

All of the participants go home with unopened bottles of Dip and Grow and Rootone, a tray of cuttings, divisions, rhizomes and tissue cultured plants, along with the knowledge that you don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to propagate plants and with the inspiration to take what they have learned to their own gardens and devise some of their own methods, shortcuts and techniques and share them with their friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Materials and equipment to be provided by the venue include 36 scalpels or single edged razor blades, 36 pencils. One or more sink areas are needed but can be substituted for with several tubs or buckets. A dissecting microscope is desirable, but not essential. Each student is asked to bring with them, a pair of scissors and a pair of pruning shears.

A four page handout that recaps the days events is given to each student.

This workshop has been presented at several conferences, universities, non-profit and commercial venues, and references are available upon request.

Cost: Very reasonable and flexible depending on several factors including whether the venue is a commercial or non-profit entity, distance, travel expenses and size of class.



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