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Mission Statement Hmmmm, a mission statement? Well, I guess that I'd have to say that I envision Sunshine Farm & Gardens to be a bridge between the most knowledgeable people in a particular genus of plants and the home gardener. While that is an oversimplification of all of our ongoing projects, it kinda sums it up.

Sunshine Farm & Gardens is the brainchild of Barry Glick, who takes full responsibility for all of the chaos and havoc surrounding the incredible palette of rare and unusual, but mostly idiotproof plants.

In the past 32 years we've managed to amass a diverse collection of well over 10,000 different, hardy to zone 5 perennials, bulbs, trees and shrubs from every corner of the Earth on our 60-acre mountain top at 3000 feet in beautiful Greenbrier County WV.

Our Plants Our plant list offers descriptions of a selection of the 10,000 plants growing in the collections here at the gardens. Many of these plants are in commercial production, and available in retail and wholesale quantities. Others are available for custom propagation.

With a state of the art tissue culture laboratory, Sunshine Farm & Gardens is involved in experimental genetics on plant material the goal of which is to develop new and better plants for landscape and the garden.

Focus on Hellebores The main focus of plant breeding at SF & G is within the genus Helleborus. Barry has spent the last decade combing the Earth for new germplasm to enhance the bloodlines of his Helleborus x hybridus strains. Virtually every species within the genus is also grown. Barry maintains more than 50,000 flowering size stock plants for seed production.

Display Gardens The Display Gardens were completely redesigned by Mr. Matthew Bishop of Devon England in 1993 and several thousand new plants were planted in the existing 24-year-old garden. Take a virtual tour of the gardens through the photographs taken in June 2000 by world-famous garden photographer Mark Turner of Turner Photographics. Visitors are welcome with advance notice. Directions are below.
Ordering While we are primarily a wholesale nursery serving the Garden Center, Landscaper, Landscape Architect, Landscape Designer and Wholesale Regrower market, we do offer limited mailorder to Home Gardeners where we have no established retailers.
Events During the year our events include lectures, slide presentations and workshops at different locations both here and abroad. Check our Events Calendar for details.
Visit Us This is our home, as well as our business, so please call first! Click on the map for scalable Yahoo Map.

Click for scalable map of the Renick WV area Barry Glick
Sunshine Farm and Gardens
HC 67 Box 539 B
Renick, WV 24966, USA
Phone: 304.497.2208
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Directions from the junction of US 219 and I-64 at the Lewisburg WV Exit:

go NORTH on US 219 12.9 miles. Turn LEFT at Friars Hill Road. Go 3.4 miles to a four way intersection. Cross the intersection and a bridge and you will be on Leonard Cordova Road.

Climb the first mountain. DO NOT make a turn at the top of the mountain GO STRAIGHT. You will come down into a valley with beaver dams. Climb the second mountain. At the top of the mountain bear RIGHT. DO NOT make the hard left.

At the bottom of that mountain you will pass a little white church and cross a bridge then the road stops. Make a LEFT and come 6/10ths of a mile. There is a road on the RIGHT. Climb that road PAST the log cabin and PAST the driveway that leads to the house on the hill. Keep going, the road ends at SUNSHINE.


take US 219 SOUTH one mile to the Leonard Cordova Road on your RIGHT. Make a RIGHT. Travel 3.4 miles and bear left at the Robins Fork Bridge. at 5.2 miles bear LEFT again at the Rock Camp Bridge. Continue across 3 wooden bridges (7.6 miles) and the road will become gravel.

At 9.0 miles bear RIGHT at the fork in the road at the bridge by the white church. Come another 6/10ths of a mile to a road on your RIGHT. Turn up that road and climb the mountain PAST the log cabin and PAST the driveway that leads to the house on the hill. Keep going, the road ends at SUNSHINE.

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    Barry Glick
    Sunshine Farm and Gardens
    HC 67 Box 539 B
    Renick, WV 24966

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