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Amherst, Massachusetts, January 5, 1999

Slides 1-40 - Slides 41-80 - Acknowledgements - Bibliography & Resources

Slides 1-40

1. Sunrise - Boone County WV

21. Trillium grandiflorum f. rosea
    (Pink Form)

2. North Central WV Mountains

22. Trillium nivale
    (Snowy Trillium)

3. Autumn - Fayette County WV

23. Trillium erectum
    (Wake Robin)

4. Autumn - Fayette County WV

24. Trillium cuneatum
     (Sessile Trillium)

5. Winter at Sunshine Farm & Gardens

25. Geranium maculatum
     (Wild Geranium)

6. Hedyotis cerulea syn Houstonia cerulea

26. Trillium undulatum
    (Painted Trillium)

7. Sanguinaria canadensis

27. Asarum canadense
    (Wild Ginger)

8. Arisaema triphylla
    (Jack in the Pulpit)

28. Hexastylis virginicum
     (Evergreen Wild Ginger)

9. Erythronium americanum
     (Adders tongue)

29. Dicentra eximia
    (Wild Bleeding Heart)

10. Goodyeara pubescens {leaf detail}
     (Downy Rattlesnake Plantain)

30. Jeffersonia diphylla

11. Goodyeara pubescens {in flower}
     (Downy Rattlesnake Plantain)

31. Drosera rotundifolia

12. Habenaria orbiculata
    (Large Round Leaved Orchid)

32. Sarracenia minor
    (Pitcher Plant)

13. Habenaria ciliaris
    (Turks Cap Lily)

33. Lilium superbum
    (Yellow Fringed Orchid)

14. Cypripedium reginae
     (Showy Ladyslipper)

34. Lilium canadense
    (Canada Lily)

15. Cypripedium acaule
    (Pink Ladyslipper)

35. Medeola virginiana
    (Indian Cucumber Root)

16. Cypripedium parviflora var pubescens
     ( Small Yellow Lady's Slipper Orchid)

36. Polygala paucifolia
    (Gay wings)

17. Aplectrum hymale
     (Adam & Eve, Putty Root)

37. Polygala paucifolia
    {flower detail}

18. Spiranthes cernua forma odorata
     ( Fragrant Nodding Ladies Tresses)

38. Maianthemum canadense
    (False Lily of the Valley)

19. Spiranthes cernua forma odorata
    cv 'Chadds Ford'

39. Mertensia virginica
    (Virginia Bluebells)

20. Xanthorhiza simplicissima

40. Galax aphylla

Slides 41-80

41. Monotropa uniflora
    (Ghost Pipe, Corpse Plant)

61. Phacelia purshii
    (Miami Mist)

42. Conopholis americana

62. Saxifraga micranthidifolia
    (Rock Lettuce)

43. Monotropsis odorata
    (Sweet Pinesap)

63. Saxifraga virginiensis
    (Early Saxifrage)

44. Iris Cristata 'Eco Royal Ruffles'
    (Crested Iris cv.)

64. Mitella diphylla
    (Bishops Cap, Mitrewort)

45. Asimina triloba {in fruit}
    (Paw Paw)

65. Heuchera 'Garnet'
    (H. americana cv.)

46. Podophyllum peltatum
    (May Apple)

66. Tiarella 'Tiger Stripe'
    (T. wherryi cv.)

47. Podophyllum peltatum {in fruit}
    (May Apple)

67. Tellima grandiflora

48. Oenothera sp
    'Cold Crick'

68. Veronicastrum virginicum
    (Culver's Root)

49. Uvularia grandiflora
    (Great Merrybells)

69. Veronicastrum virginicum
    {Foliage detail}

50. Sedum telephiodes
    (Wild Liveforever)

70. Aquilegia canadense

51. Sedum ternatum
    Wild Stonecrop)

71. Aquilegia canadense
    {Flower detail}

52. Chamaelirium luteum
    (Devils Bit, Blazing Star, Fairy Wand)

72. Veratrum viride
    (False Hellebore)

53. Opuntia compressa
    (Prickly Pear Cactus)

73. Viola pedata
    (Birdfoot Violet)

54. Zizia aurea
    (Golden Alexanders)

74. Eupatorium fistulosum
    (Joe Pye Weed)

55. Trifolium arvense
    (Rabbitfoot Clover)

75. Spigelia marilandica
    (Indian Pink)

56. Trifolium virginicum
    (Kates Mountain Clover)

76. Actea pachypoda
    (Dolls Eyes, Baneberry)

57. Adlumia fungosa
    (Climbing Fumitory, Allegheny Vine)

77. Louisiana Iris
    (Hybrid cv.)

58. Meehania cordata
    (Meehan's Creeping Mint)

78. Pachysandra procubens {flrs}
     (Allegheney Spurge)

59. Carex muskingumensis
     (Palm Carex)

79. Pachysandra procumbens
    ` {Summer foliage}

60. Cymophyllus fraseri
    (Fraser's Sedge)

80. Pachysandra procumbens
     {Autumn foliage}


Deepest THANKS go to Carol Pope for making all of the arrangements for this talk. And to y’all, for being serious enough gardeners to brave the cold to learn more about plants.

Several friends and colleagues helped me gather slides and information, they are:


Each of the 50 states in the US has some type of Native Plant Society. I have a complete listing of these societies. If you are interested in a particular state or regions flora, please let me know and I will be pleased to supply you with the address of that state's society.

There are many reference books both in and out of print that describe US Native plants. I have listed below some of the ones that I have found most valuable in my work. I will be glad to help you obtain any of the ones that are still in print.

Flora of West Virginia-Core & Strasbaugh-19 -Seneca Press-Morgantown WV

An Illustrated Flora Of The Northeastern United States & Canada-N. L. Britton & A.;Brown-1913-Scribner-Reprinted-1970-Constable & Company Ltd. UK

Gardening with Native Wild Flowers-S. Jones & L. Foote-1990-Timber Press-Portland OR;

Native Shrubs and Woody Vines of the Southeast-Foote & Jones-1989-Timber Press-Portland OR

Growing & Propagating Wildflowers-Harry R. Phillips-1985-UNC Press-Chapel Hill NC

Wildflower Guide-NE & Midland US-Edgar T-Wherry-1948-Doubleday & Co-NY NY

Newcombs Wildflower Guide-Lawrence Newcomb-1977-Little,Brown & Co.-Boston MA

Wildflowers of The Southestern US-Duncan,W. & Foote,L.-1975-Univ GA Press-Athens GA

How to Know The Wildflowers-Mrs. William Starr Dana-1989-Houghton Mifflin-Boston MA

Going Native-Brooklyn Botanic Garden-Janet Marinelli, Editor-1994-Brooklyn Botanic Garden-Brooklyn NY

Collecting, Processing & Germinating Seeds of Wildland Plants-J. & S. Young- 1986-Timber Press-Portland OR

The Natural History of Wild Shrubs & Vines-Donald W. Stokes-1989-Globe Pequot Press-Chester CT

Handbook of Wildflower Cultivation-Taylor, K. & Hamblin, S.-1963-Macmillan-NY NY

Rare Wildflowers of North America-Leonard Wiley-1969-Wiley-Portland OR

Wildflower Folklore-Laura C. Martin-1988-Globe Pequot Press-Chester CT

Wildflowers-Rick Imes-1992-Rodale Press Emmaus PA

Wildflower Gardening-John Stevens-1987-Dorling Kindersley-London UK

Landscaping With Wildflowers & Native Plants-William H. W. Wilson-1984-Ortho-San Ramon CA

American Wildflowers-H. W. Rickett-1964-Oddyssey Press-NY NY

Hortus III-L H Bailey Hortorium Staff-1976-Macmillan-NY NY

Wildflowers of North America-R.S. Lemmon & C.C. Johnson-1961-Hanover House-Garden City NY

Growing Wildflowers, A Gardeners Guide-Marie Sperka-1973-Harper & Row-NY NY

Vegetation of West Virginia-Earl Core-1966-McClain Printing-Parsons WV

Manual of The Vascular Flora of The Carolinas-Radford, Ahles & Bell-1964-UNC Press-Chapel Hill NC



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