For the Gardener, Plant Lover, Flower Child, Plant Geek etc. in your life, (or even a Self Gift). Give one for the holidays or as a winter pick-me-up gift!

The Gift Certificate.............

Not just any Gift Certificate but a Sunshine Farm & Gardens Gift Certificate!

Now you can give a customizable Gift Certificate that has NO expiration date and is completely transferrable.

Our standard denominations are $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 and $100.00 & $250.00

As a H O L I D A Y S P E C I A L, the $25.00 Gift Certificate will buy any one of at - the many $35.00 specials. That's a 30% savings!!!

A Sampler Certificate for $225.00 (a 10% savings) will buy you a Home Garden Sampler WOW! That's 100 plants for $2.25 each DELIVERED!!!

Don't get Uncle Ralph another stupid tie that he'll only take to Goodwill Industries the day after Christmas, cursing you all the way. Don't give Aunt Mary another fruitcake that she'll regift to the mailman. Give them a Sunshine Farm & Gardens Gift Certificate so that they can plant some very unusual perennials that will get bigger and better every year and make you their favorite niece or nephew.

Not to worry if you wait till the last minute. As I live here and am on line for over 17 hours a day, I can even send your Gift Certificate to the lucky giftee via email.'s real easy. Just fill out our order form and drop me a check in the mail for the amount that you would like along with mailing instructions. You can even send me a personalized card with a pre-addressed envelope and I'll mail it for you.

What a Rock Star you'll be!!!

I look forward to helping you make someone very happy this holiday season.

Happy Holidays,