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Something for everybody! When you think about it, with most memberships between $10-$20 per year, it's a bargain. You get journals, inexpensive and extensive seed exchanges, and the camaraderie of people that are interested in the same aspects of gardening that you are. This is by no means a complete list, so we'd appreciate your help in adding to it.
Alpines      Alpine Garden Society
Arboriculture      American Association of Amateur Arborists
Aroid      International Aroid Society
Aril      Aril Society International
Asclepiad      International Asclepiad Society
Azalea      Azalea Society of America
Bamboo      American Bamboo Society
Begonia      Begonia Society - Canada
Canadian Begonia Society
American Begonia Society
Bonsai      American Bonsai Society
Botanical Artists      American Society of Botanical Artists
Botanical Gardens      American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta
Bulbs      International Bulb Society
Cactus      Cactus and Succulent Society of America
Camellia      International Camellia Society
Carnivorous Plants      International Carnivorous Plant Society
Clematis      American Clematis Society
International Clematis Society
Conifers      American Conifer Society
Crabapple      International Crabapple Society
Cyclamen      Cyclamen Society
Daffodils      American Daffodil Society
Dahlias      American Dahlia Society
Colorado Dahlia Society
Ferns      American Fern Society
Hardy Fern Foundation
Fruit      California Rare Fruit Growers
Fruit Growers News
North American Fruit Explorers
Fungus      North American Mycological Association
Fuschia      American Fuschia Society
Garden Writers       Garden Writers Guild (Britain)
Garden Writers of America
General      American Horticultural Society
American Society for Horticultural Science
Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
National Council of State Garden Clubs
New Ornamentals Society
North American Cottage Garden Society
Perennial Plant Association
Royal Horticultural Society
Geranium      International Geranium Society
Gesneriad      Gesneriad Reference Web
Gloxinia      American Gloxinia and Gesneriad Society
Greenhouse      Hobby Greenhouse Association
Heather      Heather Society
NE Heather Society
Hemerocallis      American Hemerocallis Society
Herb      Herb Society of America
Hibiscus      American Hibiscus Society
Hollies      Holly Society of America
Hosta      American Hosta Society
Iris      American Iris Society
Historic Iris Preservation Society
Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris Society for Louisiana Iris
Species Iris Group of North America
World Iris Association
Landscape Architects      American Society of Landscape Architects
Lilies      North American Lily Society
Magnolia      Magnolia Society
Native Plants      California Native Plant Society
New England Wild Flower Society
Oleander      International Oleander Society
Orchid      American Orchid Society
Palms      International Palm Society
Plumeria      Plumeria Society of America
Ponds      Internet Pond Society
Primrose      American Primrose Society
Rhododendron      American Rhododendron Society
Rock Gardens      North American Rock Garden Society
Rose      American Rose Society
Canadian Rose Society
Saxifrages      Saxifrage Society
Violets      The Violet Society
Weeds      Weed Science Society of America

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