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` Arisarum proboscedium
Arisarum proboscedium
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A darling little plant as unique and unusual as it's name. Arisarum, a conjunctive noun, Aris from Arisaema and arum from what else?, Arum! Buy this plant once and you'll never have to buy it again. I'm not using the "I" word here, but... one plant in a 2" bandpot this year and you'll have 7-10 next year. Usually diminutive in size (3"-8") and bearing one or two glossy, philodendron like, dark green leaves in early Spring, this aroid has the cutest Arisaema like flowers with a slender twining 4"- 9" wispy tail. Reported hardy in zone 5, I would give it a little extra mulch in a really cold Winter. They're native to Italy and Spain and can be found in large colonies in shady areas that stay somewhat moist during the Summer months. A real curiosity and an interesting ground cover.

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