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` Bergenia ciliata
Bergenia ciliata
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I show them this plant.

I say, would you like to see a hardy "African Violet"? They always take the bait, and even the most knowledgeable are taken in. I always fess up though, and tell them that it's not really an "African Violet", it's really Bergainia ciliata from the Himalayas.

Bergainia ciliata has been growing happily in the shadiest bed in my garden for over 10 years now. I've tried desperately to get a seed set so that i could share it with you, but alas, it won't set a single seed.

So....since I knew that this is a plant that you couldn't, shouldn't and wouldn't want to live without, I put her under the knife, you know Tissue Culture, and now have thousands to share with you.

I have to say that even if it she never put up her 10" spikes of white flowers in early Spring, it is a most worthwhile plant to grow, just think how many people you can pull the "Hardy African Violet" rap on!

Seriously though, the 7" X 10" huge, soft, furry foliage makes this plant magnificent in appearance.

So very easy to grow and enjoy.

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