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` Campanula 'Dwarf Tornado'
Campanula 'Dwarf Tornado'
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I'm not sure who gave Stephanie Cohen the nickname "Dwarf Tornado", but it sure fits. She's only 4' 11", and packs a 6 foot plus punch. In case you don't know Stephanie, in between flying all over the world to lecture about "Vertically Challeneged Gardening", she teaches Garden Design at Temple University School of Horticulture outside Philadelphia.

So it was only appropriate when I discovered this late blooming, miniature Campanula, that she be its namesake.

Campanula 'Dwarf Tornado' blooms in early to mid Summer and is reminiscent of a small version of Campanula glomerata.

Unlike C. glomerata, the stature and habit is much smaller and tighter. The plant itself is only a few inches tall, one could even consider it a ground cover. When in flower, her stems are held very firmly and erect and only reach up about 6" - 8". They never flop over or sprawl like other Campanla species or cultivars.

The deep lavender-purple flowers last for weeks and this very vigorous, very perennial plant forms a lovely colony in just a year or two.

Deer don't seem to bother it and it has had no pest, insect or disease problems.

It will fill a nice spot in front to mid border and has been equally as happy in sun as in shade. Stephanie also recommends this plant for rock gardens, containers and troughs.

hmmmm, seems like a winner huh?

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