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` Digitalis parviflora
Digitalis parviflora
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From the mountains of Northern Spain hails this very hardy,  at least zone 5,  perennial foxglove.

In late Spring to mid Summer,  the dark green basal rosettes produce 12"-24" spikes of small, dense, primrose yellow flowers in abundance. I've been pleased with it's performance in full shade to full sun. No special requirements as far as soil or moisture conditions make Digitalis parviflora a no brainer.

I've been growing her for about 10 years now and she continues to brighten shady areas of my garden with a wonderful self sown colony that provides copious amounts of seed and new plants every year.

Digitalis species are  the source of one of the most commonly used heart drugs. According to a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)-supported clinical trial,  they found that the drug, also called digoxin, eases symptoms for those with heart failure, helping to keep them out of the hospital.

While I can't recommend taking the plant medicinally,  the sight of a colony in full flower could cause heart  palpitations,  I do encourage you to grow it for it's ornamental beauty.

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