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` Gladiolus x gandavensis
Gladiolus x gandavensis
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Gladiolas are members of the Iridaceae family,  the name of the genus is derived from the Latin gladius which means sword and refers to the swordlike foliage.  They are native to Europe (primarily Mediterranean Europe),  the Tropics,  but mostly to South Africa.

More gardeners would grow Gladiolas if they didn't have to dig them up every year like Dahlias and other tender bulbs.

Here’s an interspecific cross (the first by the way)  between G. natalensis and G. oppositiflorus that was made by Lemoine of Nancy France in 1837.

GLADIOLUS X GANDAVENSIS started the trend of the modern Hybrid Gladiolas and in my humble opinion is still one of the best.

I’ve grown this cross in my zone 5 garden for over 10 years and its been perfectly hardy without digging.

In full sun or part shade a single corm will make a 12” clump in less than 2 years.   Late July and early August brings an abundance of 24” spikes of 10-12 soft,   muted yellow flowers with a delicate red streak in the throats. In 3 years the clumps reach a size of 24”-36”.
They make a great,  long lasting cut flower as they open from bottom to top over a period of a week or more.  Propagation is easy from division of the corms and from the offset cormels which take 1 - 2 years respectively to bloom.

I'm also testing several interesting Gladiolus species that appear to be hardy such as G. imbricatus, G. italicus, G. communis, 
G. byzantinus
and a few of my own hybrids.

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