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` Hypoxis hirsuta
Hypoxis hirsuta
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In the abundant flora that graces these mountains we have only  two members of the Amaryllidaceae family,  these two genera are Hypoxis and Agave,  both have monotypic species and this weeks pick is Hypoxis hirsuta,  stay tuned in coming weeks for Agave virginica.

Hypoxis hirsuta
is a great choice for the front of a sunny or partially shaded border,  its stiffly haired,  grasslike foliage is a lovely olive green and provides an interesting texture.  Reaching heights of 6"-12",   it produces sporadic blooms of 1/2" - 1" brilliant yellow Amaryllis like flowers all Summer long.

It's extremely hardy and self seeds itself pleasingly in place.  New seedlings are always welcomed and seem to take 1-3 years to reach flowering size.  Being a bulbous plant,  it will also put out offsets.  We don't count on these offsets for propagation as we grow Hypoxis in our self sustaining stock beds that seem to regenerate the same amount of plants no matter how many we remove to pot up for sale.

Moist or dry,  sunny or shady,  any pH,  this baby seems to be the epitome of a "No brainer",  "Idiot proof" plant.

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