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` Iris virginica Tetraploid Form
Iris virginica Tetraploid Form
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What a MONSTER PLANT!!!  Typically Iris virginica only reaches 18"-36",  but someone messed around with the genetics of this plant,  most likely with colchicine,  a cell mutagen derived from the bulbs of Colchicum autumnale and this baby is a towering 60"-72"!!!. Each plant makes 3-6 new divisions each year,  but don't worry,  it's not stoloniferous and forms a nice tight clump.

The plant is virtually indestructible,  which qualifies it for my "idiot proof" status.  In fact you could probably divide a clump with a chainsaw.

The foliage holds up well each year with no apparent disease or insect problems and the flowers,  oh the flowers,  did I mention that these lovely blue flowers are sterile last for weeks and weeks.

Flowering is late Spring through early Summer.  Plants do well in average garden soil and don't seem to have any real preference for sun over shade.

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