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Many gardeners who would love to visit during peak bloom season, mid March, and are unable to, have asked me for photos of the 6-acre section of the hillside gardens that are home to the more than 68,000 mature, blooming Hellebores. I was walking through this area on a cloudy day without a tripod the other day and snapped a few pix. Please excuse the fuzziness as it's difficult to schlep around a tripod when you are bending over to look at flowers every few steps. Even sharp images couldn't convey the breadth and scope of these hillsides, so I implore you to come visit and see them firsthand, just call first.

Click on the image to enlarge to 450x300 (~ 25-35K). Click on Supersize it! to enlarge to 900x600 (~75-100K).

hwoods03-001      Supersize it!

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