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Aster divaricatus

[] Snowstorm in September -- that's what your shade garden will look like when you plant a drift of the very easy to grow, reliable native woodland Aster, Aster divaricatus. The glistening, pure white snowflake shaped flowers have bright yellow centers that fade to a deep rich burgundy as they slowly age over their long, long bloom period during late August through mid October. Here's one of my very favorite plants for interest at a time of year when there isn't much happening in the garden.

The height of this plant is just perfect also, 12" - 24", about the same as its width. They're not too tall as the asters that you'd have to tilt you head up to look at and not too diminutive as the ones that you'd find yourself down on your hands and knees to appreciate.

Aster divaricatus is native to almost every state east of the Mississippi and to several provinces of Canada - // but will grow well in just about any zone 3 -10 climate. Don't be alarmed if you see this plant referred to as Eurybia divaricata as this seems to be a taxonomic name change that everyone, myself included, appears to be ignoring.

Butterflies enjoy the flowers just as well as we humans, but the deer don't bother with it. Although it grows naturally in average soil moisture conditions, it seems to tolerate drought and even excess soil moisture as well.

Aster divaricatus even lends itself perfectly to being used as a long lasting cut flower.

Aster divaricatus can be planted any time that your ground isn't frozen.

I've been building a good stock of plants to share with you and now is a good time to plant them.

What you'll receive are large, 3 year old bareroot plants. They'll arrive wrapped in long fibered, unmilled sphagnum moss. This material is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and a very useful material.

The prices shown below include FREE SHIPPING on bareroot plants out of their 2" pots. If you would like to receive the plants undisturbed, in their pots, please add .95¢ per plant to cover the extra cost of shipping soil and pots.

7   for $ 35.00  delivered ($5.00 ea)
10  for $ 45.00  delivered ($4.50 ea)
15  for $ 60.00  delivered ($4.00 ea)
20  for $ 70.00  delivered ($3.50 ea)
50  for $150.00  delivered ($3.00 ea)

Larger quantities at even lower prices upon request.

Ordering couldn't be easier! Just fill out the order form at //

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