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Gladiolus 'Boone'

Gladiolus 'Boone'

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I LOVE apricots, but I've NEVER seen an apricot colored flower until I saw Gladiolus 'Boone'. This unusual plant has been the cornerstone of my cut flower garden for over a decade now. It was discovered by Jeff Owen, a County Extension Agent in Avery County, NC at an abandoned homestead in Boone NC, and given to Dick Bir, the native woody plant guru and author of "Growing and Propagating Showy Native Woody Plants". Dick is an all around great guy and brilliant plantsman. He gave a few corms to world famous plantsman Alan Bush, the former proprietor of the late Holbrook Nursery in Fletcher, NC. This mysterious plant was so intriguing that they searched and searched for information, and even consulted with Gus DeHertogh, a leading authority on bulbs, but to no avail. So to this day, its origins and lineage remain an elusive mystery, but its beauty, hardiness and value in the garden are strikingly obvious.

As I said, it's been a resident of my cut flower garden for many years now and even here in these Zone 5 gardens, (The USDA jokingly tells us that we are Zone 6) and through some brutal winters, it has remained hardy WITHOUT lifting for winter storage. Not only that, it is so prolific and produces so many new corms once established, that in a couple of years, you will have close to 100 plants with multiple flower stems that open over an extended period with that gorgeous apricot flavor. If you've been turned off to Glads after seeing those gaudy, overbred "funeral" glads, fret not! This plant has an elegant sophistication that puts it into a class of its own.

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