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Kniphofia thompsonii snowdenii

Kniphofia thompsonii snowdenii
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I fooled my guru. Brent Heath, co-owner of Brent and Becky's Bulbs, with his lovely wife Becky, is more than just a friend and mentor to me. He's my "Bulb Guru" and I've NEVER been able to stump him on a bulbous plant ID! That was until Kniphofia thompsonii snowdenii came along. It's so unlike any Kniphofia species we've ever seen, that he mistakenly guessed it to be a Watsonia or Lachenalia, two other South African natives and members of Liliaceae and Iridaceae respectively. However they're not hardy. In the unlikely event that you're unfamiliar with the Latin name Kniphofia, you'll probably recognize them by their common names, "Red Hot Pokers" or "Torch Lilies". But as you can see by the soft, warm orange color of this species, they're not all red. Not at all, in fact, there are yellows and creams and all kinds of shades of very warm colors.

The genus Kniphofia is primarily a South African native, but they're easy to grow in virtually any location in the U.S. There are many named hybrid cultivars of Kniphofia available on the market and most of those commercially available are cultivars of Kniphofia uvaria.

Kniphofia thompsonii snowdenii, in addition to being extremely hardy, is very rhizomatous and in a year or two, you'll have an attractive, large clump that produces multiple flowering stems. The pendulous, tubular 1" - 2" flowers on 12" - 36" rigid stems make GREAT cut flowers as they open slowly over their long flowering period in early to mid Summer. If this becomes your first acquisition in the genus Kniphofia, you'll certainly be hooked and want more. If this is an addition to an existing Kniphofia collection, it will further stimulate your interest in the genus and you'll soon be combing the Earth for more.

Although they do best in full sun to light shade in average soil, they can handle deep shade and/or dry soil.

I'd be pleased to share this welcome addition to any garden with you and I'll be shipping them as vigorous, bareroot 2 year old plants that will flower for you next year. The prices shown below include FREE SHIPPING on bareroot plants out of their 2" pots. If you would like to receive the plants undisturbed, in their pots, please add .95¢ per plant to cover the extra cost of shipping soil and pots.

7   for $ 35.00  delivered ($5.00 ea)
10  for $ 45.00  delivered ($4.50 ea)
15  for $ 60.00  delivered ($4.00 ea)
20  for $ 70.00  delivered ($3.50 ea)
50  for $150.00  delivered ($3.00 ea)
Quotes on larger quantities by request.      

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