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Lilium superbum



The specific epithet for Lilium superbum is one of the most appropriate I've encountered - SUPERB, as the images below will speak for themselves without any embellishment from me.

Just about the entire eastern half of the US is home to natural populations of this plant - // but there isn't a garden anywhere in the world where this beauty wouldn't find itself happy to grow.

My friend Jim McKenney has graciously given me permission to share his image (below right) of a lovely specimen of Lilium superbum in his Maryland garden. Jim, a passionate plantsman, has an amazing garden. You can see a varied palette of this extraordinary plant collection at his blog -

I have a large, thriving stand of Lilium superbum growing naturally on my farm in the deep shade of the woods that had never flowered. Several years ago, a windstorm blew a few aged trees over letting some strong beams of sunlight shower the stand and all of a sudden, they started flowering. I transplanted a good bit to a sunny spot in a perennial border and they flower their heads off reliably every year now.

Lilium superbum grows from a stoloniferous bulb, with the "mother bulb" sending out new "daughter bulbs" every year. Propagation is easy from bulb scales however Lilium superbum also sets a prolific amount of seed. Although it takes several years to produce a flowering size bulb, it is very easy to grow a large quantity from seed. An illustration of lily bulb structure can be found at - Further information on both scale and seed propagation is at -

In the sunny borders of my garden, mature stands of Lilium superbum, or "Turk's Cap Lily" as it's commonly known, have reached heights of 6 feet and higher.

They also make wonderfully attractive, long lasting cut flowers and a mature planting can yield well over 100 flowers over a long bloom period during mid summer.

I wish I could tell you that the deer don't like Lilium superbum, but that would be a lie as they love them. But if you want an easy to grow plant that will deliver beautiful cut flowers for all the vases in your house, you owe it to yourself to grow this plant out of Bambi's reach. 

I've been building a good stock of Lilium superbum to share with you and if your ground is still frozen, not to worry, as you can specify the shipdate for your particular area in a provided space on our online PDF orderform or pot them up now and keep them on a windowsill until you're ready to plant them out.

What you'll receive are large, 5-7 year old bareroot blooming size bulbs. They'll arrive wrapped in long fibered, unmilled sphagnum moss. This material is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and a very useful material.

The prices shown below include FREE SHIPPING on bareroot plants out of their 2" pots. If you would like to receive the plants undisturbed, in their pots, please add .95¢ per plant to cover the extra cost of shipping soil and pots.

3   for $ 25.00  delivered (that's $8.35 ea)
7   for $ 50.00  delivered (that's $7.15 ea)
12  for $ 75.00  delivered (that's $6.25 ea)
20  for $100.00  delivered (that's $5.00 ea)

Larger quantities at even lower prices upon request.

Ordering couldn't be easier! Just fill out the order form at //

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