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Lectures and Workshops

In the past, people would pay me not to talk. Now they pay me to talk, go figure. Well, I either know what I'm talking about or I have everyone, including myself, fooled.

My entire "Speakers Portfolio" is now on line, so, if you're looking for a dynamic, entertaining, educating speaker for your Master Gardener Group, Garden Club, Civic Organization etc, check out -

You'll find my current schedule of lectures, workshops, horticultural events and plant sales for 2012 that are open to the public at

Most are confirmed, some are tentative and there are also several not listed that are private garden clubs, groups and societies.

I've trimmed back my lecture schedule somewhat this year to spend more time here at the gardens. I've done this so that I can personally guide the many visitors I receive yearly through the gardens, greenhouses and trial beds. Peak bloom for the Hellebore gardens is usually the first couple weeks of April so I've left that block of time somewhat open for visitors. Even though I call that time period "The Peak", they still look great for a long duration of time before and after that. And the southeast sections of the garden are in themselves six acres of nothing but Hellebores, well over 100,000 mature blooming plants. It's quite an astounding sight to behold if I do modestly say so myself :-).

I still have certain dates available for programs, so if your Garden Club, Master Gardener Group, Civic Organization, etc would like to schedule a talk, slide presentation, propagation workshop or program, please browse the links above.

Hope to see you somewhere along the trail,

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